veterinarian cat"My pup was extremely well taken care of.
Even a call to say he left his toy there. Not
many offices would take the time to find which dog the toy belongs with.
Thanks so much."
- ECV Client 2017

We are excited to announce that East Central Veterinarians now offer digital radiography—the newest in x-ray technology.
Digital Radiography
Digital radiography is superior to traditional x-ray machines for several reasons. Digital x-rays require less radiation to take the same high quality images as normal x-ray machines. Because of this, your pet will be exposed to less radiation during the x-ray than ever before possible.

Sometimes when a traditional x-ray is taken, the contrast is either too dark or too light; however, with digital radiography, it is now possible to adjust the image contrast without having to retake the x-ray. Digital x-rays also provide more accurate results in less time. The image is quickly available for viewing. Unlike traditional x-rays, digital images can be zoomed in to reveal more detail, facilitating the diagnosis process for your pet. In addition, if needed, the xray can to be sent to a radiologist for consultation. With digital radiography, most x-ray consultation results are back in less than 24 hours. The benefits of digital radiography reach far beyond you and your pet—it also benefits the environment. Thanks to the digital system, the process for producing the x-ray image does not involve chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

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Cambridge Clinic

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Beginning June 2nd, We will be temporarily closed on Sundays. Announcements will be made by facebook and our webpage when Sunday Urgent Care scheduling will resume.

East Central Veterinarians is closed on major holidays including: New Years day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence day, Labor day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

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Mora Clinic

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Friday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Saturday  8:00 AM to Noon
Sunday  Closed

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