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Kitten Health Plan

East Central Veterinarians would like to welcome your newest family member! We have a Kitten Health Plan that is designed to give you the kittenmaximum opportunity to have a healthy kitten at a reduced cost from the normal fee schedule. The Kitten Health Plan includes an initial physical exam by one of our veterinarians. During that initial visit with the veterinarian, a vaccination schedule will be tailored for your kitten based on its individual needs. Generally there are two main groups of problems we want to protect the kitten from to give it a good start toward life as a healthy cat. The two main problem groups are viral diseases and parasites. Kitten should receive their first vaccinations for the viral diseases between 6 and 8 weeks of age. Those vaccinations should be repeated every 3-4 weeks until about 16 to 20 weeks of age, depending on their breed and lifestyle. The Kitten Health Plan includes the cost for the follow up visits for vaccination until 20 weeks of age, the first dose of heartworm preventative Heartgard and flea and tick preventative Frontline or Revolution. In addition, the Kitten Health Plan includes an intestinal parasite screen to evaluate parasite concerns for the kitten. Medications to treat for most common parasites (metronidazole, pyrantel and sulfadimethoxine ) are included in the cost of the Kitten Health Plan as well.

****NEW**** we have updated our Kitten Health Plan to include a combination test for Feline Leukemia and FIV

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment for a Kitten Health Plan for your newest family member.

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